Become a self employed courier

Do you want to start up a courier business? Do you want to become a self employed courier? Do you enjoy driving? Do you want to be your own boss?

Do you want open and honest advice that will stop you making costly mistakes in your fledgling courier or owner driver business? Advice that will save you money and if implemented help you make money?

If the answer is yes, then read on.

  • Can you really make £300+ a day?
  • Can I earn £1500+ every week?
  • Is it easy to become a document courier?
  • Can I become a courier using my car?
  • Do I need to use a freight exchange?
  • Where do I get my customers from?

It’s all too easy to buy a courier guide and get pages cut an pasted off of the internet, guides that promise thousands of business contacts for you but have actually cut them out of the yellow pages… Courier Guides that have been written and published by people who have never even had a courier business. You may have heard of the scams but how do you know for yourself?

The Complete Courier Guide is a downloadable ebook available for a small investment of just £30, you will easily earn this back on your first job as a courier. It’s filled with quality advice enabling you to save money and avoid costly mistakes. Sure you think you can find the information for free,you get what you pay for, quality advice costs and how much time do you really have? How do you know their advice works? Ours does, we’re in the business. We’re still in the courier business, trading through a recession. We know how to make a courier business successful. Can you afford to settle for less?

The Complete Courier Guide is written by Kevin Arrow and his same day courier company, Arrow Light Haulage is still trading today, proof that his advice  has been tested and works!

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PS,Let’s face facts, all jobs involve work – to earn £300 a day you will have to do more than one delivery job, possibly work 15+ hours a day – take off your fuel costs and other expenses, and you will be closer to a more realistic sum. Bear in mind, some weeks you won’t have work for some of the days…. if it sounds like hard work – it is. But it is rewarding, fantastic even, to be your own boss.

Buy the Complete Courier Guide now